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Case Studies

The following are examples of results that a few of my clients have achieved. I facilitated the process, but the results were designed and generated by the employees of the respective organizations; therefore the buy-in was very high, the gains were maintained and the satisfaction levels grew significantly.

Case 1: Automotive Care, Service and Towing

Challenges: Little to no accountability from employees, miscommunication among staff and owners.

Action: Entrepreneurial Leadership and Strategic Thinking process to develop a shared vision and mission. Worked with the owners personally to enhance empathy, communication and create a marketing plan.

Result: Increased customer satisfaction; improved communications between the owners; more input and consensus built around the employees.

Case 2: Certified Public Accounting Firm

Challenges: The owner wanted the staff to focus more on the clients, had production challenges and jobs weren’t being completed on time.

Action: Executive coaching for the owner and key staff. Conducted an annual goals review for the practice one year later.

Result: Productivity and profitability exceeded goals. The owner reports that he saved 90 minutes daily or 7.5 hours per week as a result of the time management strategies and delegation skills he developed. His billable revenue increased $75,000 per year while working 1 day   per week less.

Case 3: Family Owned Automotive Paint and Body Business

Challenges: Company was struggling through an ownership transition from father to son. Bottom line results remained flat. With 10 locations, some franchised, the owner’s son had not developed the leadership skills needed and there was no succession plan.

Action: Executive coaching process for the son.

Result: Bottom line performance exceeded expectations, achieved double digit growth in the business and growth enabled the company to buy-back the franchises and operate only company owned locations.

Case 4: Tanning Salon and full-service Optical Services

Challenges: Owner was seeking leadership development for him to help with poor communication and lack of empathy. High staff turnover rates were costly. The company had no strategic plan or vision.

Action: Executive coaching process for the owner and an annual goals review for the organization one year later.

Result: Communication improved, sales increased $20,000 the next month; added the optical services; staff turnover has reduced and they have opened a second location.

Case 5: Credit Union ($45 million)

Challenges: Company was in need of improving communication and staff engagement.

Action: Implemented Executive Leadership for three executives; administered ADVinsights assessments to all 19 employees and debriefed each one; client has used ADVinsights on all new hires.

Result: Reassigned some senior staff to appropriate roles, two were terminated and replaced with persons better suited for the roles and reduced expenses.

Case 6: Credit Union ($800 million)

Challenges: Rapid growth through several mergers created a senior leadership team blended from different corporate cultures which caused there to be a lack of “trust.”

Action: After meeting with the CEO and HR executive, we began with the CEO and introduced to the leadership team after week 5 with the CEO. 8 weekly sessions were conducted face-to-face, with pre and post program scores to verify engagement and ROI.

Result: The skills and knowledge gains were proven and the team functions as one with trust.

CASE 7: Credit Union ($440 million)

Challenges: The credit union had not reviewed its vision and mission in over 8 years. They had never determined a set of core values nor involved the entire team in those discussions. They were in progress of completing a merger as the surviving credit union.

Action: Facilitated the executive strategic planning process involving 27 people.

Results: Using the power of spaced repetition and breaking them into teams, the credit union created a vision, mission, core values and critical goal categories to propel them forward.

CASE #8: Credit Union ($90 million)

Challenges: Five CEO’s in six years; asset quality had gone south due to poor underwriting, the board of directors had turnover and the staff were not engaged.

Action: The interim CEO (who became the CEO) hired us to conduct executive strategic planning.

Results: After creating a vision, mission values statement and critical goal categories, we went back in one year to conduct an organizational goals review and accountability of the team in front of the new board of directors. The credit union has turned the corner and reduced delinquency and increased ROAA.